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Zhejiang Londa Electronic Wire & Cable Co.,Ltd.       The company has consistently adhered to the "open, fair and just" and equal consultation, mutual benefit "win-win" principle, in good faith with domestic and foreign merchants. In order to make your business activities faster and more convenient, more efficient, we set up a special customer service center. The center is part of the company management, is responsible for receiving customers, answering customer questions, help and guide customers to conduct business activities to help customers and procurement department, engineering department, sales company and other institutions to contact; supervision of material procurement, Departments in accordance with the "open, fair, just" and "win-win" principle with you engaged in business negotiations. Execute service call.


      The company's work philosophy is customer-centric. A rational scientific system around this center consists of three basic ingredients: our gearmotors, our electronics and our services. These factors complement each other to form a whole, thus becoming the basis for solving the most difficult transmission problems at all times. At the same time, our comprehensive service system to protect the Macquarie motor products in the global use.


       The company's services are based on "customer" as the center, the customer is the core of our services. Of course, our understanding of "customer service" is far beyond the assembly of the drive and the provision of spare parts. In each assembly plant, there are professional application engineers to provide advice to customers. It is precisely because our application engineers have a comprehensive application of technology, customers around the world to answer the various problems of transmission technology, only to make the electrical and good operation.


      At any time when you and the company are not satisfied with the company or that the staff and your business talks, dealing with business relations are unfair behavior, we sincerely hope that you can tell your feelings and opinions of our customer service Center, please believe that we will certainly deal with your comments and suggestions.


- Providing a full range of services from mechanical products to electronic products
- Service center and assembly plant, providing 24-hour hotline service
- Service agencies around the world
- Provide project planning, drive selection, maintenance, training and other comprehensive support
- Support for software, technical documentation and technical advice at all project stages